Føl historien på kroppen i Poltava - Flames of War

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i på of Poltava War Føl Flames historien kroppen - -

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Føl Historien På Kroppen I Poltava - Flames Of War Video

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Føl historien på kroppen i Poltava - Flames of War -

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It lacks all that love is rich on. Charity is the only way forward. The only navigable way forward. The world of yesterday is over.

The world today looks different and the world of tomorrow owns none. It has all presidents and they have used it.

One thing is to want the power; something else is to be the power. Do you want to be big you have to do love. It makes you big.

Power makes you small. Trump is in, he believes. The day tomorrow is not his. The future is Mine. Your storybooks are full of the fact that you want one thing, the result became another.

The result depends on what you have seen, not what you want. That is the essence of My message. Do you use power to achieve peace, you get war. Filling your pockets by taking from others should be taken from you.

If you commit injustice, the watch must be done against you. Speaking fake, you'll get fake again. It also applies to Donald Trump and the United States.

It begins in the family, with the voters. Very few presidents have exercised democracy. They have exercised policies. And what do I mean by that?

A politician says something and does something else. Let us put in another way: He promises charity, but exercises power. Let me give you an example: Hillary Clinton promised to create growth for the poor, giving them better conditions.

It is a choice promise. The same election promise has Trump delivered. None of them can hold these electoral promises, which should be charity.

Instead, they end up exerting power to suppress them they would help. The answer is simple. They have seen the power even if they talk about helping.

You will know them on their fruits, their actions - not on their word. With a businessman in the White House, it's about profit, not charity, or what do serve the poor, those who stand outside the rich and well-off.

Trump is in the world. The world is in him. He is not a new phenomenon. He is the American dream of good and evil. Very few have seen this. The dream is alive.

They will always do that, also the American dream. In a thousand years, America is a continent that is completely different from today.

The inhabitants have moved away from the dream, away from hopeless Fat morgana. The future is not Trumps or Americans.

What they have sown, they will harvest. So far so good. Trump at that time is a footnote in the history books.

A necessary footnote, by no means a glorious footnote. And what is such a glorious footnote? If you ask me, a glorious footnote is a loving and peaceful footnote.

Unfortunately, it's the others you talk about and remember because they had dreams that have become dust today.

That's how it will be with Trump and other powerful politicians. Your visions and dreams turn into dust. Let me give you a few examples: Hitler's thousand-year kingdom is gone.

Roman Empire is gone. Mighty civilizations have before seen the light of the day and have gone into oblivion, drawn into the dust of time.

It's an era in the political United States that's over now. Clinton lost, the United States lost. The world of yesterday is gone forever. Trump is off today.

He's gone tomorrow, a footnote in the history books. Do not be fooled by him, by politicians of power. They want all by words.

Action bends it with. Clinton was a power factor. Nevertheless, there is a difference. Power can be used in the bad service.

What do I mean by that? Own interests, whose power is used to promote self-interest, is evil. Trump's office will be short.

Many will like him. Many do not want to like him. The future of the United States becomes a post-rationalization after Trump.

The skeletons must come out of the closet one by one. The image, the self-image US has by itself, is a dream scene. The rich takes from the poor and the poor will be rich.

Where do you want to go with that? That was what they did in the middle Ages. Whether the United States wants to be with or not, the world is heading towards a global world order.

Socrates has set the train long ago. The USA is just a carriage on the train. It can be connected from or to the train. The locomotive is love for your neighbor, and here is the United States, although many do not believe the locomotive.

Each country has a carriage if they are pursuing democracy excited after the locomotive. The inhabitants are passengers in the country's wagon.

The politicians are the servants, those who serve the passengers. The train, the train of democracy will win on earth because the locomotive is charity.

It is My will. The will you can find in all the holy books. It's My Law, which is written in those books. The law is charity, and that is what democracy is about.

Trump is a passenger in the United States tram on the train of democracy. Along the railway line there are many grave after the passengers once on the train, as are the monuments of great politicians who pursued democracy.

None, neither the passengers nor the politicians avoids their own grave or the monument they build. In the future, in the near future, major political monuments will emerge along the railway line.

Trump's monument or grave is not among them. He is the businessman not a politician. Business and politics are inextricably linked. Politics sets rules for the businessman.

The businessman will and many try to deal with the policies of the politicians for business. A businessman as president is like putting a wolf into a candy store.

Set a politician in, as president is to put one to control the candy store. The world is a candy store for businessmen. They buys and sells the candy for profit.

The poor have no purchasing power. It has the rich ones. Democracy serves the poor. The businessman earns himself first, then those who have money.

The politician and the businessman pull at each end of the rope. That's the way it is. That's how it's always been and that's the truth. The world is rich.

The task of politicians is to distribute wealth. The businessman collects them together. One day in such a distant future, the train of democracy will run strongly.

There will be major achievements in the welfare of mankind. Welfare is inner values. Prosperity is external values.

Man does not climb into the train of democracy, if it not have the inner values. The USA is always alone.

They also do it here. Flames will come and go. Smoke will darken the sun. Women will cry, men will die and the world will be.

Not the world you know today. It will soon be a world of the past. And from the ash as a bird Phoenix, the sun will illuminate a new and better world.

What there was is no longer. What's up, you do not know anything. Democracy had wind in the sails. The sun tucked away.

When everything is written. Nothing is new under the sun, neither what is hidden in the darkness. Trump and his fellow men is just known by Me.

What their hearts hide, they do not even know. What is revealed by Me is hidden from man. Trump will destroy the presidential image the US has built up.

He has a very short term of office. What I say now applies: Power creates unrest, it has always done.

Still, you have not learned from the story, and that is why you keep repeating the mistakes of the past. Everywhere you have monuments over power, but you forget about the cost of it and the harm it has inflicted on you and humanity.

No family go free if you dive into your family's history. Everyone has ancestors or mothers of the past who have been affected by the scourge of power.

Did you ask them, they would answer you that it was the power of evil and that nothing comes out of it.

Trump himself is not evil. It is the power and the consequences of it that is evil. Nobody either a president, a schoolteacher or a family father can create a country, class or family with power.

It requires love to create a country, a school class or a family. Power breaks down, love builds. It requires wisdom to build a country, a school class or a family.

Just think of all the families where father, mother and children have to be divorced. Had they had love and wisdom, they had not been divorced.

When we talk about a country or a school class, the same applies. A president or schoolteacher has the same function as a family mate.

He has to hold on to the family like a school teacher has to hold on to the class and a president must keep together in the country.

The more love, the greater is the wisdom. Love is the bricks in the President's house, in the classroom of the classroom and in the father's house.

The mortar that holds the bricks together is wisdom. Power has neither brick nor mortar to build a house. Power can only tear down, and what it tears down is the love and wisdom that previous generations have built up.

That is why power gives suffering and sorrow. Let's talk about Trump again. The United States wants greatness.

They will be great not only in the eyes of the world, even in their own eyes. That's why they have chosen Trump as president to get some of their values back.

Back is a step backwards. Love and wisdom go forward. You cannot go back. You can only go forward and create in love and wisdom. That's what all the fathers and mothers of democracy have done, whether they have been presidents, schoolteachers or family fathers or mothers.

You create with love. You run down with power. This applies to everyone, whether you are fathers, mothers, teachers or presidents.

Power is selfish, self-interest. The power will itself first, then itself again. Other people is the remedy for the self-interest people. When we talk about politics, we talk about power.

If we talk about democracy, we are talking about charity. It's the difference between politics and democracy.

The train of democracy is a long train. Each country has a coach attached to the train. Because and the answer is quite simple. A businessperson and now a politician like Trump is in the coach, the US coach because And now the answer comes.

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